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Nancy's Story

Nancy Anna Walker was born in Jefferson County Kentucky on May 2nd, 1941.


Her Parents were Blanche Stucker and Clifford Beryl Walker.

Nancyanna (MOM) spent her childhood in East Louisville attending private and public schools, playing in the fields and blueberry patches behind her home or riding her horses.  She lived briefly in Martinsburg, West Virginia and Murray Kentucky where she majored in Art at Murray State University.  She studied Art and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the University of Louisville where she was a dean's Scholar.  She was a talented artist and interior designer and worked at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago before returning to Louisville to raise us (her sons: Donald, Scott, and Christen). She was a loving and deeply caring mother and juggled well the roles of parent, designer, businesswoman, and teacher. 


As a new chapter, we moved to Sarasota Florida, and she sold Real Estate.  She has always thrived in the sunshine, as a kid, I remember spending every afternoon or weekend in the pool, or going to the beach, or taking the sailboat out in Sarasota Bay.  This water lifestyle and a willingness to always have an adventure lead Mom and Dad to get the crazy notion of moving aboard a sailboat.   We spent a few years sailing up and down the eastern seaboard, exploring the keys and learning a taste for travel aboard "Dreamchaser."     


Mom always encouraged us to explore, ask questions and learn! I remember with fondness exploring forts, museums, historic sites and art exhibits.  She made the world our classroom, and she devoted countless, selfless hours to teaching us during this period. She always went out her way to make sure we had authentic and unique learning experiences, for example:  attend the symphony, a rodeo, and a polo match. Have caviar at a fancy market, stay at a Bed and Breakfast, drink carrot juice at the health food store, and meet treasure divers in Key West. If we traveled by plane, she would make sure we met the pilot. We took train rides, and we rode subways, we skippered boats, explored caves, parks, and made sure to read every sign at a Smithsonian. 


While aboard "Dreamchaser" we discovered St. Augustine and decided to make it home port for a while.  Mom would take Chris and I to the beach every day and enthusiastically cheer us on as we attempted to surf the waves of the Atlantic.  Day after day she was there for us, as a lifeguard and cheerleader. While aboard the boat at the Conch House Marina in St. Augustine Mom and Dad split apart. A few years later a sea captain named Dave came along while delivering a boat to the Virgin Islands. 


Always an explorer, and ready for a new adventure Nancyanna fell in love with Dave and they were married in a simple beach wedding. Soon we were all in St. Thomas purchasing a new boat which her and Dave named "Verity." We sailed the BVI, USVI the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Peurto Rico.  I can still remember mom trying to speak in Spanish to a Dominican on a donkey: "OLE" she said when she meant to say "Hola."  This and so many other memories make me smile and appreciate her spirit. 


She and Dave have been married for 26yrs now.  They worked together as yacht brokers, they explored, danced and played and they were a team up until the end.  


She was a wonderful mother, and grandmother fiercely loving those around her and always looking for the best in people! She was a positive voice and a warm smile.  


On April 26th she took her last breath shortly before sunrise.  


She had liver Cancer, and she tried radiation and positive thinking, but in the end, she lost the battle with Cancer.  At the time of her death, she was peaceful and in Hospice care.  


As I looked down upon the body that was once hers I heard a voice that said: "I am now free of this body and free of pain.  I am now in all things. I am love. I am light."  I realized as I looked around that she went to the light and became the light.  I know now that every time I feel the sun on my face or see the light shine through the leaves it is her, along with all of our ancestors, beaming down love on us. 

-Scott (Nancy's Son) 

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